This is one of our on-going contracts where we provide a great deal of technical facility and personnel for shooting the programmes on location and have provided nearly all of the imagery on the Channel Four website - this includes digital stills, QTVR, Object Movies and Streaming Video.

New for the 2002 series was the innovative Onsite section of the Time Team site where our team captured all of the multimedia elements and produced new web pages for the first four shoots of 2001, uploaded daily from location .

This is the place for information on recent and currently running projects. Follow the links below:

Our involvement here was to produce a VR tour of the whole of the house. It's currently running on the Channel Four website as either a complete 13 node tour or as an html tour of the individual rooms.
This is a site we've built from the ground up to provide all of the information for community organisations to be able to light a fiery beacon and hold an event in their area over the turn of the year from 2000 to 2001. A lot of pages and images.
Since updated during 2002 as the central resource for the Queens Golden Jubilee Summer Party's.